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Spletnik - Link building, Outreach, SEO
Our outreach and link building process
We have spent years developing and optimising our process and we take great pride in it.

Understanding your business:

We learn about you and your needs – It’s important for us to understand your unique value, your industry, your target group and which keywords you want to rank higher for.

Copywriter outreach & Content creation:

Once we understand your business, we define what type of content we are going to produce and how to distribute it. To produce content, we find the right copywriter for this task, negotiate the price, we provide them with the SEO optimised topics and keywords and set deadlines.

Spletnik - Link building, Outreach, SEO
Spletnik - Link building, Outreach, SEO

Creating the outreach list:

Once we have all the information and the tools, we create the outreach list and find potential prospects. We define the prospects according to the clients needs, industry and target personas.

Running the outreach campaign:

In this process we contact many different industry-specific websites, with up to 7 follow-up emails, in order to maximise the number of websites interested in guest posting. Websites include blogs, news sites, niche-specific portals etc.

Vetting the prospects:

Once we start getting replies from the interested websites, we check them in terms of website quality, rank and traffic with our tools in order to determine the best possible results for the client.

Price negotiations:

After we are confident that the interested websites are the right ones to work with for link building, we start the price negotiation process.

Spletnik - Link building, Outreach, SEO
Spletnik - Link building, Outreach, SEO

Article publishing and link building:

Once the content is delivered by the copywriter, our team performs a final check before sending the article for publishing on the chosen website(s).

Reports about our work and the progress

Resulting changes in keyword positions are reported on a monthly (or if needed weekly) basis.

Along with that, you are also informed about the content that we put out and where it is published.

Spletnik - Link building, Outreach, SEO
Why do companies like
yours use our services?
Spletnik - Link building, Outreach, SEO

Our work is always done with great quality, which is based on years of our experience and well-polished processes. We also believe in transparent communication, which leads to satisfaction on both sides and building long-term partnerships.

We deliver results for many companies like yours and help them achieve their potential.
We’ll be happy to work with you too!

Our goal is a long-term

We take our work very seriously and want to provide only the best to our clients. Transparent communication, fair partnership and great results are our guides in every job we take.

We strive for long-term partnerships with companies with which we can grow together and create a story of success.

Spletnik - Link building, Outreach, SEO
What our existing
clients say about us


“If you want quality, if you care about your brand, if you want to increase your sales and you really want to have more organic traffic to your page, then Spletnik is the right choice for you.” (Daniel Nilsson, Up Strategy Lab)

Ex-Mega Ltd.

“We’ve been working with Spletnik for a few years, their team is professional and convinced us with their results!”

Fotograd Ltd.

“With Spletnik’s help we optimized our online appearance. The team is really reliable and their services are worthwhile.”

Sibo Group Ltd.

“The team promised the best optimization. Their professional attitude and services got us on top and we hope for future collaboration.” 

HYPERIA s.r.o.

“Anja is a perfect SEO specialist! I hired her to make me some local backlinks and find solutions to rank me higher on Google. Very HQ niche related backlinks for a good price. She was fast, responsive and analyzed my requirements very well. I would definitely recommend her and her colleague Srdan, too! Spletnik is perfect! Their big advantage is fluent English skills. Great job and looking forward to working with her again.”


“We decided to work together with Spletnik agency because of their great cooperation while we were using their web-portal newsletter.

The reason we decided for Spletnik was that we wanted to have everything in one place, so I want to thank you for the fast responses, accessibility, responsibility and quality work.

I would definitely recommend!”


“We started working with Spletnik agency not so long ago.

After talking to them, we put our trust in their hands and they delivered with their knowledge and experience, while at the same time listening to our suggestions and wishes.

I recommend Spletnik for being an organized company with fast response times, fantastic practical advice, and fresh ideas.” 

Read about our work in action.

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Case Study: ZAK Ltd.
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