Case Study: Karcher Kusljan Ltd.

Optimizing pressure washers? We did it!
From their backyard to the stars

Karcher KuĊĦljan d.o.o. is a company that started their mission in 1973, when the founder began selling pressure washers. He started in his own backyard – first as a repair shop, next as a shop.

The demand for pressure washers grew bigger as the years went by, so they decided to open a web shop. When we started working with them, the page was not optimized at all. First we organized all the products into their own assigned categories, optimized the content, organized meta descriptions and image tags.

Next, we started on the improvement of organic results, because we wanted to bring more traffic to the site. We wanted to bring them to the first site, because the majority of users only searches to the second page on Google.

You can check our progress and results in the infographic bellow.